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Lace Hair Systems for Men

Regardless of whether your customers are men or women, lace remains a very popular base material for both hairpieces and wigs. But, why? Firstly, lace is extremely soft and thin which means it is totally invisible when placed against human skin. Secondly, lace is made with hexagonal holes which enables the material a high degree of breathability; this makes it an ideal base material for hot summer months, and for wearers who exercise often or live in humid regions. Thirdly, we can easily bleach the knots on a lace base hair system to enhance the undetectability of the unit. As you can see, lace hair systems provide wearers with a highly realistic and natural finished look. Not only can we craft a lace base toupee, but we can also produce a high-quality lace wig. Lace wigs are a very popular choice amongst many clients. Our large catalogue of lace wigs ranges from a full lace wig, a lace front wig, wigs made of lace and other materials and so on


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Lace is one of the most widely-used materials in hair replacement solutions, and for good reason: excellent Lace systems are nearly undetectable. Secure a swiss lace hair system to a client’s head and they’re good to go. The material for lace hair systems is lightweight and breathable, ensuring comfort and preventing most allergic reactions as well as injuries to the scalp and skin. After all, repeated use of Full lace hair systems places an undue strain on the hairline. With our men’s lace hair system lineup, hair professionals can find the thinnest and most delicate lace, two qualities that make our lace hair replacement system solutions an excellent choice for front hairline pieces.

Lace systems are ideal for anyone looking for a hair replacement product. Our lace hair systems come with an invisible pleating and bleached knot, making the hairline look as natural as possible. The lightweight lacing system is also comfortable, with an airy and breathable feel. Anyone who has ever worn a wig before knows how hot and uncomfortable it can feel. When providing a men’s lace hairpiece, lace is a replacement option that can keep most customers comfortable, especially in hot and humid weather conditions.

Premade hair pieces often don’t match the remaining hair or don’t flatter coloring or features. The best way to cover or replace thinning hair is with a custom-made men’s lace toupee. Beautiful, natural-looking and flattering hairpieces are emerging as an alternative to expensive hair replacement surgery. Our high-quality products provide you with materials and base designs to make that perfect toupee, fall, or full wig. Does the customer want a different hairstyle? What color or length suits their facial structure best? Whether it’s French lace or Swiss lace, we can confidently provide the lace hair pieces hair professionals need.

Lace Systems FAQs

How To Attach Full Lace Hair System?


    To attach a full lace hair replacement systems, begin by protecting the scalp with a balm-based adhesive. Allow this to dry, then apply bonding tape directly to the head. From there, the hair system can be positioned and adjusted.

What Are The Different Types Of Lace?

  There are two primary types of laces used for wig making: The French lace hair system and the Swiss lace hair system. Of these, French lace typically has smaller holes and is thicker and more durable in construction. Swiss lace has slightly larger holes and is lighter weight, with a softer, more breathable feel. Which lace a customer choose will depend on their individual needs.

Which Is Better, French Lace Hair System Or Swiss Lace Hair System?

    The French lace hair system is best for those who need a more durable, longer-lasting hairpiece. The Swiss lace hair system is best for more active wearers who need a more breathable, lighter weight piece.

How Do My Customer Can Choose The Lace Color?

 If your customer has very pale or light skin, transparent and white laces are best. For those with darker skin tones, colored laces - such as brown or even black - are best. Advise customers to choose their lace color based on their skin tone, as it will need to match their scalp.

How Do Care For Lace Hair Pieces?

 Advise customers to care for their lace hair pieces, prevent heat damage by protecting them from extreme temperatures. Style them only with gentle hand or cool tool styling - never with heat. Use only a spray bottle and warm water to wash them, never harsh detergents.

How Do i Get Rid Of Excess Lace Base Material?

  Excess material from lace hairpieces can be carefully trimmed once a wig is properly placed. Advise customers to be careful not to trim excess until they are absolutely satisfied with the fit and placement of their wig.

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